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International Recovery Center is an accredited bilingual drug-treatment facility specializing in recovery programs for substance addictions including cocaine, alcohol, methamphetamines, and other substances.

Awakening The Potential Within

Our priority is to help those suffering from drug addiction and alcohol abuse, revealing you or your loved one’s true potential of a life worth celebrating. Through personalized bilingual drug and alcohol treatment, we will unearth long-standing behavior patterns and harmful perceptions that may be hindering you from experiencing a fulfilling and meaningful life. Our peer groups are composed of drug and alcohol specialists as well as other individuals successfully living a sober life. At International Recovery Center (IRC) we tailor to every individual’s treatment in order to tend to you or your loved one’s specific needs. If you are suffering from drug and/or alcohol abuse and want to start a life free from active addiction, contact us today at (888) 946-7837 or (888) 946-STEP!


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How Can We Care For You Today

With a staff of over sixty years of experience, our drug and alcohol specialists offer a combination of structured, therapeutic services to you or your loved one who is struggling with drug addiction and/or alcohol abuse. With our treatment program, we make sure to discuss life skills and relapse prevention in order to prepare you for a life in recovery free from the misery of addiction. From addiction behavior education to guidance through wellness and mindfulness, we have everything you need to leave active addiction and start a life of hope, healthy relationships, and success as many of our staff has and continues to experience in recovery. With our help and experience, you and your loved one can lead a life beyond your wildest dreams and accomplish goals that you did not even know existed.

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“Our Mission at International Recovery Center (IRC) is to give hope to those in the grips of addiction by providing a path to recovery that is specific to every individual’s needs. Our graduates will find freedom in recovery and redeem a life beyond their wildest dreams.”

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