Individual Therapy

With the help of IRC therapy, you or your loved one can undergo our drug and alcohol treatment program, focusing on discovering and treating any underlying mental illnesses that may contribute to an addiction problem. You will meet regularly with a counselor to discuss issues from childhood to current daily stressors. The counselor and you will work together to find an appropriate outlet for any obstacles that may come, all without the need for drugs or alcohol to cope with and live life.

One of the greatest benefits of individual therapy is the privacy these sessions afford. You are free to discuss any issues that you may have in confidant. Whether it relates to your addiction or your personal life, the privacy afforded to you or your loved one can lead to open expression and allow a client to feel less alone in recovery.

Group Therapy

For those who are seeking friendship and others to relate to while working to overcome drug and/or alcohol addiction, group therapy may be the answer. Groups are typically designed to include multiple people struggling with similar addictions. This allows clients to lean on and support each other when needed. Many people who meet in group therapy will remain friends long after they have completed treatment at International Recovery Center (IRC).

While there are many benefits to group therapy, there are a few factors to consider. Many clients may be uncomfortable openly speaking about their addiction around multiple people. This can cause them to become nervous and avoid interacting with others in the group.

Luckily, at IRC, we have created a relaxed and structured family environment in order to provide any struggling loved one with a place of no judgment. Our staff, both in recovery and not in recovery, are all professionals in the field and our atmosphere of structured freedom can guide you or your loved one to healthy relationships and a healthy lifestyle with the support of other clients in the new found recovery that is offered at IRC.

For help now, call us 24/7 at 888-946-7837 (STEP) for a new life away from active addiction.


Our Mission at International Recovery Center (IRC) is to give hope to those in the grips of addiction by providing a path to recovery that is specific to every individual’s needs. Our graduates will find freedom in recovery and redeem a life beyond their wildest dreams.”