Non-Verbal Therapy

IRC non-verbal therapy is a way for you or your loved one to gain a better connection with self, obtain a clearer mind, and increase self awareness in order to make healthier decisions in a new recovery lifestyle. Not only do practices such as mindfulness—a present state of mind acquired by focusing on self awareness in the present moment—and yoga create a calm body and headspace, it also decreases stress. This has been proven to help clients to better communicate with others and gain healthy relationships with other clients so that when they graduate IRC, they can gain those same healthy relationships outside of treatment with the tools we have to offer.

Non-Verbal Therapy offers:

  • Mindfulness
  • Reiki
  • Yoga

The perks to non-verbal therapy groups at International Recovery Center are endless, ultimately providing a starting point for non-threatening support while you or your loved one process issues associated with or exacerbated by relocation, trauma, and/or disaster—whether it’s self inflicted due to reckless behaviors of the past and/or present or previously inflicted by others towards the client.0

Because non-verbal therapy transcends language barriers and allows for both active and passive participation, anyone with any background or life experience can be involved in this effective, therapeutic practice.

At International Recovery Center (IRC), we offer non-verbal therapy, a comfortable recovery environment, and so much more. For help today, call us 24/7 at 888-946-7837 (STEP)!


Our Mission at International Recovery Center (IRC) is to give hope to those in the grips of addiction by providing a path to recovery that is specific to every individual’s needs. Our graduates will find freedom in recovery and redeem a life beyond their wildest dreams.”